Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Wonderful Husband

Just a few things that makes Bryan so special to me.

1. He kisses me every morning before he leaves for work. Even when I am out cold, mouth open!
2. He rememebers our 10 month anniversary. I didn't even realize that we had been married 10 years. Bryan remembered and bought me flowers. Sweet.
3. He leaves me encouraging notes on the mirror so when I come back from working out I am so encouraged!
4. He takes out the trash all the time. (I can't stand taking out the trash)
5. He always wants to cuddle. Sweet
6. He is the hardest worker I know. He is working so hard and long hours for his new job. I recieved a phone call yesterday from his boss who decided to call me and just brag on Bryan. Yesterday was his first senior class meeting and his boss was blown away by Bryan's performance and interaction with the kids. I was so proud! (started crying! haha)
7. He does half of the chores. If anyone knows me they know I am a clean freak and have to do chores every week or I can't function. Bryan definitly carries his load.
8. He watches movies of my choice ALL the time even if I don't like to watch all the guy movies that he wants to see.
9. He is great at washing dishes.
10. He moved to Texas.....left his home town and everything he had ever known.
11. He loves Jesus and the bible. He inspires me to be a more Godly woman, to search for God more and challenges me to follows Jesus daily.
12. He's HOTT
13. He never complains about anything I cook. He is always grateful! Makes it easy on me! :)
14. He is a loyal friend. Not only to me, but his guy friends.
15. Are you getting tired of me bragging yet? I'm not! :) hehe. I could go on and on.
16. He has style!
17. He is talented.
18. He is romantic.
19. He is thoughtful.
20. He cracks me up all the time. I wish I was half as funny as him!

I am lucky to have found and caught someone like this! It was hard :) haha. Took a little while to catch him, but I am glad I did. My life would not be the same without him by my side.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It Begins...The Life of Blogging

Well after a long, long night of working on this blog I think I have it fixed how I like. Yes, I spent all night, but now it is done. Bryan was working late at a school tonight and so this filled my time. Well things in Texas are going well. Bryan is adjusting to his job. He is working harder and longer hours than he has ever worked. I am still working for Burns and Wilcox from home. That has it's up and downs. I am so thankful to have a job while in this transition period, but day after day being cooped up in the house makes me stir crazy. I am not kidding either. I am working through it though. I am waiting to hear from University of Texas Arlington for acceptance into the Masters of Social Work program. Bryan and I are looking forward to this weekend. Bryan's friend Joseph is coming to visit. Joseph lives in Ohio and is in his last year of law school. My grandparents and cousin from Missouri are also going to be in Texas visiting at my dads. There will be a lot going on this weekend, but looking forward all of it.