Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bethany's Getting Married!!!!

We had such a great weekend in Houston. We had a special shower for Miss Bethany! We are so excited that she is getting married and hope that her engagement is amazing for her. She deserves nothing but the best. Here are a few pictures from the Luau bridal shower!

Keep looking back for updates. I have so many more pictures and stuff to talk about from the weekend. All of the Vaughn's were in Texas, Astros ballgame in style, shopping with the girls, more details and pics of the shower, and much more! I only 3 more weeks of school actually ONLY 4 classes left for this semester! Oh my gosh. I am so ready, but when those classes are over I will be back on top of blogging.

I have so much to share, can't wait..
-joining a church
-hanging out with Bryan
-the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
-I want to start a weekly blog
-and share a weekly song on the blog
-share about Rexanna's Foundation (I am going to be starting another blog and will need your help to spread the word!) My goal is that Kelly's Korner will know about this blog and mention it on hers! :) hehe that would be so amazing.

So pretty much have so much to tell you and so little time. Just keep watching and after these 4 classes we will get back on the horse!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli!!!

We are so excited for Seth and Jessica Lewis. Even though Eli wasn't born on my birthday I will still love him just the same! I will have to teach him about the term "birthday week!" Eli Vick Lewis is soo stinkin cute! We just love Seth and Jessica and especially love their boys! Eli was so cute and snuggly! Jessica looked great after having Eli! And Caleb was so sweet when he first met Eli. What a great big brother. Can't wait to spend more time with Eli and Caleb of course.

Cute Eli Vick Lewis

Lindsey, Jessica & Eli

Me and Eli!

I love these! Caleb is such a cute big brother. So sweet!

Birthday week continued!

Bryan planned a great weekend. He made reservations at Maggianos for us, my mom and Rex, Amber, Steve and Jacob. After eating at my favorite place we headed back to our apartment for some cookie cake and cookies and cream ice cream! YUMMY! (looks like I will have to be working out every day this week! ha) It was a great way to end a great week.

Me with my sweet husband.

Amber, Steve, & Jacob

Friday, April 3, 2009

25 Years Old!

Whoa! I can't believe that I am 25 years old. Holy Cow. How time has flown! I think that the day after birthdays are pretty much the saddest days! ha. Because you have all this fun, surprises, presents, cake/cupcakes, lots of phone calls, lots of messages on facebook ect and then the day after back to normal. Just not as much fun. So this year I decided it was the year of the birthday week. That way I can spread my birthday over the week. I felt I was worth it...I just had to get Bryan on board! Well, I just have to say that he is pretty much amazing. He has made this week totally amazing. What husband has the nerve to buy a swim suit and cover-up, new dress and they actually look amazing on and fit perfectly. Ha! I was in shock. It was such a surprise and I told him that he saved me a lot of heartache by him buying the bathing suit! I usually go and try on 50 million and end up leaving with tears! ha. So it really worked out nicely. I asked how he knew what to get and he said, "I just pay attention to what you have been wanting and what you like!" So sweet. So needless to say he has made this a great birthday. So has everyone else, family and friends. You all made it so special! Thank you. Here are a few pictures from the birthday week! :)

Bryan brought home cupcakes from the Cupcakery! They were amazing!

Eating my birthday cupcake on my birthday night!

Crazy Life

Well...It has been forever since we have posted on here. Let me just tell you that our lives have been insanely busy. Late night studying everyday...Working part time...Bryan working late it has been just crazy. Last weekend I flew out to NC and had a great time. It was a whirlwind of a trip though. My great grandmother turned 85 years old! We had a big party for her. It was a lot of fun. I have missed posting about some really good things like, the rodeo and her party...maybe I will try and back track this weekend and get some pictures up. We will see!