Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothing Profound...

So I have had several people say... "Umm I think that it is time for a new blog." And let me tell you that I think they are so right. I guess I kind of thought, well nothing significant has really happened with Bryan and I lately. We don't have kids to show their growth progress on here or something like that. We are just 2 people who work a lot and I thought that might be kind of boring to other people. Maybe I was wrong though. :) So anyways all that to say..I don't have anything profound to say, we haven't been on a cool trip and no I'm not pregnant. It was just time to write something.

So last weekend I had my first driving lesson with Bryan. He was a pretty good teacher. I know you are wondering why I needed a driving lesson, well, I have an automatic car and Bryan has a manual car. I actually sort of learned how to drive a manual car during drivers ed a long time ago! I never was really any good, and didn't care to shift gears while driving. I mean I would much rather talk on the phone or sing at the top of my lungs with the radio :) So all this to say, I have to learn how to drive his car. He has been having to use my SUV pretty often for his job. That leaves me at home with no transportation. Trapped in the house. For those of you who know what my job is like now or actually for those of you who don't... I work from home and sit in our office all day starring at a computer. By nature I am a doer, planner, organizer, socializer ect. So the majority of the time I go stir crazy being in our house all day without any communication from the outside world. I mean there are some days I don't talk to anyone until Bryan gets home after 6. Needless to say I talk his ear off all night! :) So anyways. So I had a driving lesson to learn to drive his car. Things went well. Made about 30 circles around a high school parking lot. He talked me into driving from the school to our apartment. It is about 10 minutes. I decided I could do it. I am just soo nervous driving the car and afraid I am going to blow up the engine when I do something wrong. Anyways I drove all the way home without stalling or getting honked at. Yes, I had to change my pants when I got home, but we made it safe.

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