Monday, July 6, 2009


Wow..Bryan and I had an awesome week in North Carolina off of work. We left bright eyed bushy tailed at 4:00am Saturday morning. (By the way..every time we say, "we are not going to take the early flight ever again" never fails we always book the earliest..earliest = cheapest!) Anyways. We got to NC at between 10:30/11:00 and headed straight for lunch, w/ Bryan's family. We ate a great lunch at Cameron Village and went in the cutest store, Hand Picked. When we were done with that we headed back to Wilson for Bethany and Nick's couple's wedding shower. We had a blast playing games, watching them open presents, and visiting. (I don't have any pictures..because I was too busy taking pictures with Bethany's camera!) Anyways..moving on to the beach!

We left early Sunday morning and headed straight for Holden Beach. I felt like a little girl in the car ride there. I could hardly wait to get there. We made it and I think I had my bathing suit on and was in the water in 5 seconds flat! ha.

Here is a few view of Mermaid's paradise. We loved all of the decks. It was nice to sit and dry off on the rocking chairs, or just grab a book and relax.

So I don't go on and on and bore is the quick recap of our week. Bryan and I kicked butt and ran 3 miles everyday except Saturday and Sunday. For the most part every day you could definitely find us sitting on the beach, or in the sand! We played a lot of bochee ball sp? The best was coming back from the ocean and taking a dip in the pool. It was so refreshing. We saw transformers, went shopping at the outlets and ate at provision company twice! yumm shrimp burgers! We took a boat ride with Lee and Kasey, went tubing and hung on for dear life. Ate good home cooking; provided by the Spain's and Halfmann's. We ate some real good shrimp cooked by my Papa. We played a ton for Settlers, Bertha dominated. And enjoyed us some hand and foot. All in all we had an amazing week and cannot wait for next year!

Bryan and JoJo at the beach.

B & L lovin life

Amber & Steve lovin life

Mom & Rex lovin life

Bertha the dominating Settlers Champ!

Halfmann Crew!

Bryan and Andis

Andis loved the water..sweet picture!

I think that's enough for now!! :) I


beatybass said...

Sounds fun! Can't believe you lost settlers. Guess it happens to the best of us. Tubing?! Hope you had a better driver than I did (sorry Shane)!

Our Family said...

haha! yeah I was pretty scared. When I hopped out of the boat, I said don't do to me what happened to beaty! Bertha killed us on settlers. I just wanted to let someone else win for a chance, otherwise they might have stopped playing with me! You know!