Friday, September 3, 2010

Sarah's Key

I could not put this book down. Ask Bryan, for the past 3 nights I find myself sitting on the couch all night lost in this Historical Fiction book. If you are into Historical Fiction you should definitely read it. I do have to say it wasn't your feel good, pat you on the back book. The book fictionalized the 1942 Paris roundups and deportations, in which thousands of Jewish families were arrested, held at the Vel di Hiv and then transported to Auschwitz. Tied throughout the story about the Jewish families and their struggles and horrible treatment before their death is a story about a modern day journalist who is doing a report/column on this particular event in history for the 60th anniversary. Through her exploration, research and journey she becomes fascinated with Sarah's story and how things in her own life have actually intertwined with things that happened in the summer of 1942.
Awesome book.

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