Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amazing Husband!

Oh my gosh. So I woke up Friday morning to a note on the kitchen counter. The note said, "I love you so much and since I was gone all last week we are going to spend a night with just the 2 of us." He totally took me by surprise. So, that is all I really knew. He got home early and I was just getting out the shower and I went into the bedroom and saw our suitcase sitting on the bed with a note in it. I opened the suitcase and in it and there was a piece of paper that said 1 romantic night for 2 and it was a receipt for 1 night at the Gaylord Texan Resort . OH MY GOSH. WOW. My husband is soo awesome. He is so romantic and thoughtful. I was so surprised. (And if you didn't know, I love surprises) We had the greatest time walking around and enjoying the hotel as well as our fabulous meal at Ama Lur. We ate the best sea bass and enjoyed yummy chocolate cake. It was a nice, fun get away! He is the best!

Pictures to come soon! :)

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