Thursday, February 12, 2009

Need to Laugh?

So this morning to start things off, as I was packing my book bag for school I noticed that I didn't have an article printed off that I needed for class. So I quickly went to the computer, thank goodness I had emailed myself a link to the article right? Wrong, since it was a pdf file through a database from the universities website it would not open. Well great. So I had to re-search for an article, very quickly, because it had already passed the time when I should have left. Luckily within 10 minutes I was able to pull up an article and print it off and head to Arlington. Well, when I started the car the gas was pretty low. About to be in the yellow! So I was going to pull off and fill up, but by the time I started driving a little ways the gas meter moved up, so that it was at a 1/4 of a tank. So I thought to myself, I have plenty of gas. Wrong. But still I decided to head out and get on down the road. There are 2 really bad stop lights that cause major traffic and I was just worried about getting through those since I was running late, because of bad preparation for class. Well I get to the lights and I am sitting in terrible traffic waiting for the light to turn green and all of a sudden the gas meter goes down below the yellow line (like as far as it can do down) and the low fuel light comes on. I don't freak out yet, it's just the first time I have seen the low fuel light before, but when I hit the gas it went up as far as it can to being full. So, while waiting at these 2 lights the gas meter continues to rise and fall to the lowest and highest point it can go. I didn't think that it was a good sign at all. The car was kind of freaking out. So I made it through the lights and pulled off. Barely coasting in to the gas station. So I think things are ok now...Just get a little bit of gas and get back on the road and I can still make it to class on time. Well....wrong again. I didn't have my wallet, no money, no NOTHING. WOW. I begged the cashier to let me give him my debit card over the phone and he didn't like that idea. So I had to call Bryan to come and save the day. Meanwhile I contemplated asking people if they would be kind enough to fill up my car and I would mail them a check. (but never went through with it) Needless to say he had to drive to meet me about 30 mins away from our house to put gas in my car and give me my wallet. After all was said and done I made it to class 30 minutes late, with the wrong article, but with a full tank of gas and my wallet!

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