Monday, September 21, 2009

So Busy!!!

Sorry for not posting in a million years. We have been crazy, busy at the Vaughn household. Currently I am doing my 2nd field placement for grad. school. I am working at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. It has been amazing! I am loving every minute of it and learning sooo soo much! I am following/working with trauma, orthopedics, and urology kiddos. (Which I love) I am even more excited to do be done with school and working! So why so busy you might ask yourself...I spend a minumum of 35 hours at the hospital every week, have 1 night class in Arlington, and then work about 10 hours for Burns & Wilcox! Somewhere in between that I have to find time for blogging, homework, working out and of course my sweet husband. Good thing, maybe, he is just as crazy right now with schools starting back up. He is in charge of all of the class meetings for ring and senior presentations. (And does an amazing job!) But they have lots of parent nights throughout the week and they early mornings up at the school to sell rings right now! So needless to say when we do spend time together lately it has got to be quality! :)

This past weekend Bryan went to Austin with VCM for their fall advance. He was so excited and came back and shared amazing testimonies of the weekend and great things that God was doing in these zealous college students lives. It was so fun to hear about.

Besides that, we are just looking forward to getting involved with a small group this semester at our church. That should be starting really soon. We are hoping that Bryan's family will be making a trip out here soon to visit! And last, but not least, I have hit the -25lbs mark. Yes, it has taken me forever it seems like, but I am just taking it 1 day at a time and learning throughout this entire process. It has defintly been worth the process and I never want to be back at that weight again!!! I am so excited about where I have come from and where I am going! Right now my goal is 14 more lbs! I will keep ya posted on how that continues to go!!! By the end of the year I should be where I want to be! Yay!!! Think that is all the news right now.

Also be checking out this blog! :) Tell someone about it.

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Chasing Lightning Bugs said...

Yay! Who that's great Lindsey that you lost 25lbs so far! I really need to get motivated and lost some weight too. I can only wear 2 pairs of my jeans right now and they are my "big girl" jeans! So I need to do something!! SO glad for you! I know you have been working hard at it! Love you :)