Monday, January 4, 2010

Thankful for 2009 & Here's to 2010

I have gone back and forth about what this next blog should consist of. Nothing profound is coming to mind just this second (go figure), so we will take a stroll back through 2009 and say hello to 2010!

Looking back through pictures and blogs of the year is so fun. It is crazy how much we have done, what all has happened and transpired, as well as to see the growth!

10. Family and friends trips to Texas! We enjoyed several visits from friends and family this year. We are thankful for Lee & Kasey's trip to Texas. We enjoyed taking them to a rodeo, eating some great food and catching up with each other. The Vaughn's made it out to Houston (Dave, Debbie, & Bethany). We caught an Astros game, had a wedding shower, and hung out by the pool. Some of our best friends from North Carolina made it out. We went to the 6th floor museum, Rodeo, Dallas aquarium and caught a Rangers!It was so great, we constantly miss our friends and family back home so whenever they are able to make it out here it is definitly a treat for us.

9. Our annual beach trip to Holden Beach. We will definitly look forward to this trip every year! I miss the beach like crazy!

8. Some of our closest friends gave birth to sweet babies this year! We are excited to be a part of their lives!

7. My husband's band released their first C.D. this past year called The Well. (Let us know if you want one!)

6. We had our 3rd annual Rexanna's Foundation Huddle Up. So much has happened as a result of the foundation; lives are being touched, people are becoming more aware of lung cancer and its effects, and funds are being given back toward research. We are very excited about several events that are coming up this year for the Foundation.

5. 31 lbs GONE!!!!
Many of you know that I have been doing weight watchers. No shame here. It has taught me so much about myself and bad habits that I have learned over the past 25 years. I am taking it one day at a time, but I feel fabulous. Better than ever! 2010 is the year of hitting my goal weight!! Before and after pictures to come at goal!

4. Bethany & Nick are married!!! We had a great trip to North Carolina to celebrate Bryan's sisters' wedding. I am so lucky to have gained a great sister...(2 great sisters - Kasey & Bethany!) I love them! :)

3. Joining a small group was definitly a highlight of the year. The first year here, we were still searching for a church and after joining Trinity Church Dallas due to schedule conflicts we were never able to get involved. Since then, Bryan has joined the worship team and we have joined a small group. We are so thankful for the group of people that we have met through this group. We are so thankful this year for new friends that we have been able to get to know more. We had some rough and lonely months last year. I think we questioned everything in our lives and even God. It was adjustment leaving Greenville and all of our best friends that we had grown close to over the years. It was hard to move away from Bryan's family as well.

But I am here to say, that God is faithful. It has taken awhile since moving, but we feel like we are on the right path. Our prayer at the start of this year was Lord, just give us friends! I didn't think it would be so hard meeting new people at church. It has definitly been an eye opening experience. It has made me want to remember to look around during the service and see if someone looks like they are sitting by themself or not being talked to. I encourage you this year to get out of your comfort zone and step back from your "group" of friends and think about others. We never know what other people are going through. Invite people out to lunch with you, invite them to your Christmas party or send them a card in the mail. Small things such as these remind people that you are thinking of them. Hear my heart, I am not saying forget your old friend, but there is always room for new ones.

So thank you small group and the people at Trinity Church Dallas who have helped to make us feel welcome and a part of something here in Dallas. Thanks Jess and Seth for the support through that first year and on!
(whoa sorry about has just been on my heart for awhile!)

2. Disney World!!! Enough said!

1. Thankful for the good God that we serve, that makes all things possible!



Dameron Girls said...

Very nice! Maybe next year we can fall under the category of visitors! I am working on TD to take me to TEXAS!!!!

Our Family said...

That would be awesome! You fell under sweet babies category though! :)