Thursday, January 7, 2010

Will you join us??

What better way to start off 2010, but with a fast. Our church, Trinity Dallas, will begin our church wide, corporate fast on Sunday January 10th. Join Bryan and I as we seek the Lord, in prayer, the word and worship. I am so excited about this fast. A much needed week of renewal, refreshing and revelation. Getting back to the basics, our foundations, our first love. I pray that you will join us as well and be empowered, and renewed!

Guidelines for Corporate Fast
1. Skip at least one meal daily. Use that time to read your bible and seek the Lord.
2. Unplug your television, Internet, and video games. (No blogging, no facebook, email, ect..)
3. Put away your newspapers, magazines, and novels.
4. Participate in nightly meetings & noon prayer meetings as much as possible. (If you don't live in the DFW area you can join us online at or just make it a point to attend a church in your hometown on Sundays)
5. Participate in one of our community outreaches. (We have several community services choices for us, but get creative in your hometown. Volunteer at a local nursing home, homeless shelter, hospital. Clean a neighbors car for them or mow their yard. Basically, help someone that has less than you!)
6. Formulate a stewardship commitment for 2010.

Let us know what and how we can be praying for you!

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