Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Needless to say I have not gotten a lot of sleep the past 2 nights. For those of you that really know me, you know that I need sleep. (That means at least 8 hours preferably 9 hours!) But between Monday and Tuesday I have had 3 tests. I am happy to say that I did survived them...only to look like I got hit by a mack truck! I couldn't even get my body off the couch today to go outside for a run. And we haven't had weather as nice as this in a LONG time! Taking a nap was much more needed, I guess. Anyways, that is enough of yall hearing about my "tough" few days, but I wanted to share a "first" that I experienced on Sunday night.

A little background: So, it is interesting what you learn about yourself when you get married. Bryan learned that he GRINDS his teeth. I am the hardest sleeper in the world, but lately I haven't slept all that great. When I lay down to sleep I think of the million things that I have to do with the race or stuff that I have to do with school. With that being said, Sunday night, I was going to bed late, from studying, and since I can't fall asleep in 2 seconds flat, which normally would not be any problem. Since I couldn't fall asleep fast, and Bryan had been asleep for several hours already....all I hear was Bryan GRINDING his teeth. Oh man...to make a long story short, after a lot of kicking, hitting, yelling, ear plugs I ended up here....

Here's to better sleeping the rest of the week!


Emily Jane said...

Ross grinds his teeth too! By the grace of God I sleep like you do...hard. However, on restless nights I hear him grinding. Try suffocating him until he wakes up...thats what I always do and it seems to work at least until he goes back into the deep sleep.

Our Family said...

hahaha! nice!