Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Fun!

This Friday we had a fun night with our friends Ross & Emily. Ross and Emily go to our same church and we are in the same marriage bible study together. We have thourouly enjoyed getting to know them as a couple and individually! They are so much fun to hang out with! So, this Friday was Emily's birthday!! Woohoo! We met them for dinner in Dallas and wow, let me just say they open our eyes to food, new things and places! :) I love it and I am amazed at how brave Bryan has been! (Debbie you would not believe the things your son is eating :) So anyways, we went to Emily's pick and ate some awesome food! We ate at Teppo Yakitori & Sushi Bar By far, this was some of the best Asian food I have ever had. We had sea bass, grilled rice, california rolls, spicy tuna & salmon rolls and we even tried salmon shashimi! This was raw and as fresh as salmon could be. It was so good & fresh it tasted like it was cooked. Bryan even tried it and liked it! :)

Needless to say it was great and we enjoy having Emily and Ross who stretch us to eat more than just Mexican food!

The whole gang..

Happy Birthday Emily!


Dameron Girls said...

You are so brave, I don't know if I would have eaten raw anything! Lindsey you look SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Lori and Matt said...

Sushi is my new thing... only the tempura rolls though! :) You look so great!

Emily Jane said...

Hi friend,
Love the post. Next time, you and Bryan are choosing the restaurant! Hope it's sometime soon! :)