Thursday, February 18, 2010

Completed Day 2 of The Shred!

I am so loving the shred. From the responses I got, it seems like yall like it as well. At first I was all about doing it straight for 30 days, but doing that on top of my other work outs was too much. So I tweaked it and on the days I just run I will do the shred! We shall see.

I have definitely come to the conclusion my biggest downfall with eating right now is from 2:30-5:30pm. I feel like I am sooo hungry. (1/2 the time, not the case!) Or I am bored. So I will just venture to the kitchen and eat and eat. Thank goodness we don't just buy junk or I would do some damage in there. But it is still excess calories that I totally don't need. And half the time I AM NOT HUNGRY! oh my! But, I don't have this problem when I am working or while I am at class I will take my lunch and I am totally satisfied. What in the world? I hate that. Breaking habits aren't easy..Man...Any suggestions!? Do you guys struggle with this?

Day 2 complete!
*4.5 mile run
*THE SHRED! - there is no way that you cannot see a difference after doing this!!

On a side about those Olympics!! Man, last night was awesome! USA represent!


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

You are AMAZING!! Beyond impressed with your working out!
I am a huge fan of the Shred! Love it!

Our Family said...

Aww thanks Ashely!

I am totally loving the Shred! It is a great work out!