Saturday, October 3, 2009

Work on Saturday.....

BOOO! Ha! I guess I was in denial all week about having to work from 7am - 7pm today. Hopefully this will be my last weekend having to work these type of hours, but who knows. And hopefully it will go by fast!

Right now we are very slow...or actually all morning it has been slow. Haven't done a thing. (I guess that's a good thing at least for the kiddos!)

Facebook is blocked, so that pretty much stinks. I could have definitely wasted a good couple or 5 hours on there!

But, I better use this free time wisely, considering I have a paper outline due Wednesday that I haven't even started and a take home exam due Wednesday. (but we all know that blogging and facebook is much more entertaining than homework)

Well off to work on my exam until the pager calls!

FYI I was given this awesome email that has tons of crock pot recipes. Basically the recipes are listed by chicken, pork, beef, ect. You click on the meal that sounds appetizing and then it opens the recipe. Let me know if you are interested send me a message with your email and I will get that too you! It's pretty cool!


ReaderTX said...

i love the pumpkin craze! you will be really happy then when you get the package in the mail...fits perfect with the theme!

Tamie said...

oooh! Please send the crock pot email my way!

P.S. How are we ever going to get to chat on the phone? I miss you. :(