Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UTA Graduate

May 14th we had a great time with ALL of my AWESOME family members. Graduation was held in Texas Hall at University of Texas, Arlington. It was a nice, simple ceremony. Besides the terrible weather that day I could not have asked for a better and more exciting day. After graduation we had a little party at Cantina Laredo(YUM)! Thank you to all my family who traveled near and far to come celebrate this fun day with Bryan and I. We love you and are so grateful for a wonderful and supportive family.

The Duvall's

The Spain's

The Vaughn's

Amber & Me

"I am excited about what the future holds!" - Lindsey Vaughn, MSW (I have been wanting to sign that!ha - nerd)


The Lewis Family said...

You look smokin' hot:) Sooo sad we had to miss the big party!!

Our Family said...

HAHAHA! You crack me up!

Amanda McD said...

Congrats! I know you are SO excited! Now that you're done you can move to MS, and so can the Lewis'. Perfect.

Matt and Audrey Myers said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!

Kelly and Jay Bryan's Blog said...

Congrats!!! The next time we are up in Dallas we will have to celebrate! Congratulations again! I know you are excited!